A Brief Blogging Question: Unicorns

I’ve been procrastinating the work I swore I was going to do today by reading other blogs, and I surface from this time-wasting fun with a question: Why does seemingly every blogger reference unicorns?

I don’t have an opinion on unicorns, because I don’t think about them, and because they don’t exist.  So why does everyone else?  What am I missing?


This is the first picture that shows up when you type “unicorn” into google images.

I take it back.  This picture tells me that I do hate unicorns.  I guess it only took about 30 seconds of contemplation to come up with an opinion.

Why this picture makes me hate unicorns:

1) This photo tries to make the unicorn look like a real creature, and that’s stupid.

2)  It reminds me of what I truly despise: soft, hazy, ethereally-set, galloping horse pictures.

3)  I feel that this picture was created with the intention of being inspirational, and that the viewer is meant to feel empathy for the sad-looking unicorn.  And this makes me irrationally angry.  Really.  I can’t stop myself from grimacing as I write this.

Well, I guess that instead of being different, and trying to set myself apart from the foolishness of referencing unicorns in my blog, I joined the ranks.  But maybe this means that I’m, like, a real blogger now?


One thought on “A Brief Blogging Question: Unicorns

  1. I think you meant this in all seriousness, but this is one of the funniest things I’ve ever read. In fact, I think it’s funnier because you were genuine. If this were full satire, it would take away from the hilarity of the thoughts here. Congrats! I’m bestowing upon you my comedic writing genius award. This is just so good.

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