Modern Technology

Although I’m in my twenties, I treat modern technology like an old lady.

It’s supposed to make your life convenient, and it often does, but I find that keeping up with it is a lot of work.  A year ago I left my camera charger at a hostel in Switzerland…and have yet to replace the camera or charger.  Incidentally, I suspect that since I inherited the infamously poor memory from my father’s side of the family, fairly soon I will not be able to remember most of the events of this past year.

I’ve never been on Twitter, and really don’t understand how to decipher most of the messages.  I do, however, understand how to use the word “hashtag” in daily vernacular #twittermoron.  I used to be on Facebook, but found that it became junky, and that although I knew an awful lot about a few classmates I had in middle schooll, and that I enjoyed judging people for their status updates, I wasn’t actually using it to communicate with my friends and family anymore.  People say “change your settings”, and I intend to, but man, that’s a lot of work.

The saga of my crappy cellphones is extended, and deeply uninteresting, so I’ll just say that right now I just purchased a brand new flip phone, Nokia* style.  And this is a step up from anything I’ve ever had.

I can see that you, my dear invisible audience, may be worried that I am a hermit.  But don’t worry!  I mean, I have this blog now, which is part of my attempt to re-enter modern society, and I have an iPod touch with an updated music library that I love dearly.  So I’m not entirely out of it.

While I am making efforts to act more my age, I’ve enjoyed my break from technology.  Mentally, it has allowed me to enjoy life in the present moment, and it has forced people who want to contact me to do it more directly, and I appreciate that.

*Nokia is the business.  Last year I was camping on the beach and I dropped my Nokia into the fire.  We all sat and stared and said “uuuuhhh crap” when someone (not me) finally stuck their hand in and pulled it out.  It had probably been in there for almost a minute, and it still worked perfectly.  Just a little singed.  Nokia should advertise this kind of indestructibility.


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